Onto Availability Apple Shortcut.

Onto is a EV subscription service in the UK, given the cost of fuel here in the UK, as well as Onto’s “all inclusive” pricing model (including charging costs), they are getting more popular.

For them, this is great, however it does make finding the model you want more tricky.

To save clicking their website multiple times a day, I built out an Apple Shortcut, enabling me to keep track of what’s available without having to visit the site multiple times a day.

Import into Apple Shortcuts

When imported, it’ll ask you for your delivery postcode, and to edit the list of cars that you are interested in. You can match a specific vehicle “uid” here, for example…


or something partial, for example…


… if you were interested in any ID3 (because this matches both vehicles).

You can enter multiple cars here too if you are waiting on the Etron or the Jag. jaguar-i-pace-hse audi-e-tron

It’ll run on any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even the Apple Watch if you want to check on Tesla availability from your wrist.

For these looking to subscribe to Onto, if this helps, please do use my referral code for £50 off.


Hope it’s useful to some.