Notion Habits Tracker Template.

After having run my life on Notion for the past year, and developing some powerful systems to keep myself accountable, I felt it was about time I shared some of these with the Notion community.

I’ve decided to start with my Habits Tracker. Habits are integral to my life, and I prefer to form habits to incrementally improve, rather than set lofty goals. It’s better to improve just 1% a day at something and see where that takes me, than to set a goal that I may later realise isn’t something I actually wanted. My habit tracker keeps me on track, and I hope it does you too.

Included in this Notion Template are the following features

  • Day Tracker
  • Hydration, Food and Sleep recording
  • Habit Tracking
  • Calculated Day Score

Please enjoy, and do send me any feedback. I’ve got more templates coming as I build them out, including my full second brain system in Notion, so please subscribe for updates so I can let you know when I release new products.